Customer Reviews – ESP Surge Protectors

For over 30 years, industry leaders have relied upon ESP technology to protect their equipment from disruptive and catastrophic power disturbances.

“Last week we had a lightning storm hit the area. One of our customers had a Ricoh C2551 copier. The copier was plugged into an ESP QC unit. It was a direct lightning strike. The ESP device saved their copier. Other pieces of equipment (not protected by ESP) were damaged in that office and adjacent offices.”

“We’re satisfied customers!”

David Johnson & Kenneth King, Clarion Office
– “ESP has proven to be very strong and has lived up to our expectations”
– “In the past we experienced electrical issues that we no longer have”
– “ESP prevents machine failure”
– “By using ESP we have prevented a lot of electrical issues that we were experiencing in the past”
– “We partner with ESP because they back their products 100%”
George Rosa, North American Office Solutions

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